Inside Liam Neeson's Latest Psychological Action Thriller

January 8, 2018

If you thought your commute home during the bomb cyclone was tough, wait until you hear about Liam Neeson's trip home in his new movie, "The Commuter." Director Jaume Collet-Serra joins Cheddar to discuss his fourth collaboration with Neeson in seven years. Find out why Collet-Serra calls the film a spiritual sequel to 2014's "Non-Stop."

The director reveals what he's learned about Neeson during their four shared projects. He explains how he got the tall actor to fit on a set built to resemble a New York commuter train. He tells us why he's so drawn to action movies set on modes of transportation.

Finally, we ask Collet-Serra about Hollywood's hottest headline: Oprah for president. The Spanish-born filmmaker says his international perspective makes him no expert on American politics. However, he also points out that Winfrey wouldn't be the first Commander-in-Chief to come from the world of entertainment.

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