Wearable devices aren't just about tracking your fitness. You can also use them to track your pets. Pawscout Co-Founder Aaron Lamstein explains how the company's smart tag is innovating technology for pets.

The Pawscout Smart Tag communicates with a smartphone app to track your pet's movement. Lamstein says the three advantages to Pawscout's tag are its small size, long battery life, and reasonable $19.99 price tag. "The issues around safety, community, and connection with your pet are much much more important" to pet-owners, says Lamstein.

So far Pawscout is completely self-funded. But, Lamstein says he is looking to raise venture capital funding in 2018. "Our focus has been investing wisely in places our users care about," says Lamstein. "We will probably go out and raise money sometime in mid-2018."