Instagram Celebrates 25 Million Businesses

December 4, 2017
Updated 7mo ago

Morgan Cornelius, Small Business Community Lead at Instagram, joins Cheddar to discuss a big milestone: hitting 25 million businesses on the platform. This is up from 15 million in July. She credits the dedication of its users to the fast-paced growth of its businesses on the platform.

She talks how people are thinking about Instagram as more of a shopping platform than strictly a photo-sharing app. But how are small businesses using the platform differently than large corporations? Cornelius says 1 in 3 small businesses built their brand on Instagram. The platform isn't just a cog in its marketing machine, it's the heart and soul of the brand. Small businesses are using Instagram to create a personality, and put a stake in the ground in terms of who they are as a brand.

Plus, Cornelius gives tips to small business owners on how to utilize the platform in an optimal way. The best thing any business can do is to convert to the business profile. That way, when consumers come to your page, they have the option to contact you off the platform. It also gives people the ability to see the insights and analytics behind their posts.