Matt Hesse, CEO of Corr-Jensen, discusses the company's latest brand, Orb Wellness, which produces 6 different varieties of vitamins with time release technology. The varieties include a multi/fish oil combo, a heart complex, as well as versions dedicated to focus and sleep. Each vitamin includes beadlets in each tablet, which incorporate Terra Intelligent Dosing Technology that allows you to feel effects of the vitamin throughout the day. We talk about Hesse patenting some of the technology around the vitamin, including the combination of a multi-vitamin with a fish oil supplement. And how did Hesse get into the world of wellness and vitamins? He suffered a wrestling injury to his neck in his youth, and during his recovery he noticed the impact vitamins had and became infatuated with supplements. He also discusses the vitamins he uses throughout the day, noting the importance of checking with your doctor before you add any supplement to your routine. Hesse discusses the millennial-focus of the Orb vitamin and the focus on the experience, which is seen in everything, down to the package's design and the futuristic advertising.