Interacting with A.I. Holograms at VNTANA

January 25, 2018
Updated 8mo ago

VNTANA is leading the industry in creating AR holograms that not only appear life-like, but can also interact. Alyssa Julya Smith went to VNTANA's studios in Los Angeles to see how these holograms really work, and had a chance to interact with them as well.

CEO and co-founder Ashley Crowder explains that the holograms are images projected from a monitor, but they can actually move and look extremely human-like. VNTANA has made holograms of movie actors and sports stars that people can actually move with and dance alongside as an interactive display.

VNTANA also recently released its A.I. hologram concierge service. It works to help consumers in any industry with answers to questions about products and services. The consumer stands in front of the hologram display and the concierge greets them with a custom message. The consumer asks a question, the hologram listen, and immediately responds appropriately. The system also uses facial recognition to track consumer data and determine product preferences.