Boingo is one of the largest providers of indoor wireless networks. It provides public access to the internet at stadiums and airports across the country. In Boingo's most recent earnings report, it generated $53.7 million in revenue. That's up 31.5 percent year-over-year.

Boingo CEO Dave Hagen attributes this growth to adding military subscribers.

Boingo's wifi technology is helping people in the military connect to secure internet while on the go. The Boingo network has grown rapidly on military bases over the past three years. Hagen says Boingo is close to 50 percent penetration at the bases, and plans to increase over the next year.

On the future of wireless technology, Hagen says he expects 5G to become commercialized by 2019. Boingo is working on wireless fiber lines and fiber board to move this technology forward. Hagen is also chairman of Consumer Technology Association.

At CES 2018, he is inspired to see developments in robotics and artificial intelligence.