According to a report done by PWC, Black Friday shopping has fallen 24% in the past two years. Lisa Rowan, Writer at The Penny Hoarder, joins Your Cheddar to discuss how e-commerce is changing, not killing, the Black Friday tradition. With events like Amazon Prime Day in July people are getting their massive deals online. She says many people are waiting until after Black Friday to get the deals and advises them not to buy electronics or TVs on the shopping holiday because they are marked up. Plus, Wal-Mart is trying to make the return process a little easier. Its Mobile Express Returns app allows people to upload information for the item they want to give back and just drop it off at the store -- no shipping required. According to a recent report, about 30% of products ordered online are returned. Rowan explains how Wal-Mart is leading the pack in making returns "easy as pie."