Did you ever think playing football without pads or helmets could be safer for the player? One football league is trying to prove just that. A7FL requires players to wear biometric tracking mouthguards, which can collect data to possibly show that playing without helmets significantly reduces the repeated head impacts which are considered to be the primary contributing factor to developing CTE. Sener Korkusuz, CEO of A7FL, Ryan DePaul, President of A7FL and Mahmoud Ramadan, player for the A7FL join Cheddar to explain where this idea came from. The whole human behavior changes when you take the armor off of the athletes. They are focused on being more cautious and make proper tackles. DePaul says you can play the entire game without a helmet and never hit your head. But make no mistake. You can still get hurt during the game. It's not guaranteed you'll walk away unscathed. They discuss charging for tickets and its hope to eventually be broadcast on cable. A7FL has had over 13 million views on some of its football videos. The league wants to pioneer the future of sports on digital platforms.