Wayne Dupree, Contributor to the Political Insider, discusses President Trump's latest war of words with his former ally, Senator Bob Corker (R-TN). Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to claim Corker decided to not run for re-election after he "begged" for an endorsement, and Trump declined. Trump went on to blame the perceived shortcomings of the Iran Nuclear Deal on Corker as well. Corker took to Twitter soon after Trump's rant to call the White House an "adult day care center." Corker later expressed more disdain for the President's behavior in a Sunday New York Times article. And with Senator Corker's support being so critical in the upcoming vote on tax reform, is Trump making a mistake by picking a fight with him now? We also ask Dupree about Vice President Pence's planned walk-out at a football game, when players kneeled during the national anthem. Dupree says that Pence should have just not gone to the game to begin with.