Is There Room for E! in Today's Hollywood?

January 12, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

As Hollywood changes, can E! change with it? That's the question Contributing Editor Michelle Ruiz is asking in her new piece. The Time's Up movement dominated the Golden Globes red carpet, leaving some wondering whether gossip and style coverage are appropriate for showbiz's new tone.

Ruiz looks back at E!'s history of controversial red carpet moments, including the now-retired "Mani Cam." She speculates as to whether the network is willing to change its editorial approach to match the times. Ruiz says there will always be a place for fashion coverage, but that now is the time to minimize the importance of fashion compared to news and culture reporting.

With the SAG Awards, Oscars, and Grammy's still ahead, Ruiz thinks the Golden Globes could inspire a new wave of red carpet reform. She also discusses how E! is handling the aftermath of the Catt Sadler wage disparity controversy. Ruiz calls comments from network executives "tone deaf."