Wayne Dupree, contributor to the Political Insider, discusses the back and forth coming out of the Trump Administration regarding the Paris Climate Agreement. Reports surfaced that the president was considering ways to stay in the deal, but early Sunday, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said those reports were false. And then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson noted that the administration was in fact considering a renegotiation of the deal, but with terms that would be more beneficial to the U.S. Dupree gives us his insight into the matter, adding that President Trump is known as a negotiator and that, if he can get a "good deal" for the U.S., then that is what he will go with. We ask Dupree what the President was signaling months ago when he announced that he would be pulling the U.S. out of the agreement. Was it just a negotiating tactic for future deals? Dupree refers to McMaster and Tillerson as "minions" of the president, noting that they will do whatever Trump wants when it comes to the Paris Agreement and that their rhetoric on the matter is irrelevant at this point.