With more and more VR content popping up every day, viewers need the latest hardware and software to experience it all. iAmGeniusVR's Rodrigo Vergara joins Cheddar with an exclusive announcement about what his company is calling "the Netflix of VR." The app is currently in development, and would give audiences a centralized resource for all 360-degree and VR content. He also gives an assessment of the current state of the VR industry. Vergara points to promising earnings reports from the primary VR content and hardware manufacturers as indicators that VR is becoming mainstream. However, he warns that any advancements to the technology are moot without a growing and prestigious content library. Finally, we take a look ahead at how the introduction of 5G will affect VR. Vergara says increased connectivity will allow for social and live-event applications. Such expansion would make the tech a more ubiquitous and integral part of daily life.