Cheddar has been covering the biggest news of the week with some of the biggest names. In case you missed it, we've pulled together some of the highlights that will keep you informed as we get ready for the week ahead.

Ja Rule Talks NFTs, Black Entrepreneurship

Rapper Ja Rule and business partner entrepreneur Herb Rice joined Cheddar this week to talk about what they're doing to support Black entrepreneurs and content creators through tech, NFTS, and the blockchain. Earlier this year, the duo launched The Painted House as a way to uplift and highlight the works of Black artists. "We spiraled into our Black is Beautiful project and our mission with that project is aimed to bring more artists of color into the space, curate these projects, help them get these projects out there to the masses, help them create these generative projects. It's a work in progress but it has been very fulfilling thus far," he told Cheddar.

'Black Bird' on Apple TV+

Actor Sepideh Moafi joined Cheddar this week to dish some deets on her new Apple TV+ show Black Bird. Moafi, who has the only female perspective on the show, stars alongside actors Robert Wisdom and Ray Liotta, who passed away suddenly earlier this year. She noted that this role has been particularly special as she has had the freedom to push the limits. "[Dennis Lehane] said 'I want your help. I'd like for us to work together on this because I want to get her right. I want her to represent all womanhood.' And honestly, that made me feel empowered," she told Cheddar News. 

How to Free Your Mind According to Colin O'Brady

Adventurer and author Colin O'Brady stopped by Cheddar this week to talk about his new book The 12-Hour Walk, and what it means to push your own limits to achieve the impossible. O'Brady, who holds 10 different world records, said that he wants people to "tap into the power of the mind" and truly experience life. "I'm so excited to share with people because it's something I realized during COVID lockdown. We could all use a day outside unlocking," he said.

Jay Cutler Takes Up Cornhole

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler and Stacy Moore, commissioner of the American Cornhole League, were on Cheddar this week to talk about ESPN8: The Ocho's takeover of ESPN2 to give some shine to the lesser seen global sports, like ax throwing. This year, celebrities and cornhole league pro-athletes will compete for a $100,000 cash prize to be awarded to the charity of their choice. "This event evolved from being a one-time event to a whole series that we decided to give $100,000 away to charity and do multiple events this season leading into our world championships and anchoring Ocho Day," Moore said.