JAY-Z: Grammy-winning rapper, business mogul...financial advisor?

Money guru and author Ash Exantus says he found “finance jewels” in the artists latest album “4:44”, on topics from credit score to estate planning to moving up the corporate ladder.

“Become an entrepreneur even within your job,” Exantus told Cheddar. “Take initiative and show you know what the company’s objectives are and how they make money. If you don’t, you should learn what’s important to the company and then go above and beyond, showing, ‘Listen, I bring worth to this company.’”

But if you’re not satisfied working for someone else, Exantus also found plenty of inspiration for potential entrepreneurs.

“A lot of us have skills and intellectual property or ideas that we want to [pursue], but we trade that for an advance,” he told Cheddar. “Whether it’s working for somebody full-time, or whether it’s not fully believing in it and selling equity and whatever we have.”

“We have to take a chance, believe in ourselves, believe that what we can actually monetize, and take the chance over advance.”

JAY-Z’s album isn’t just good for money matters, of course. “4:44” tops the list of Grammy nominations with eight nods. The 60th annual awards ceremony takes place this weekend.

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