Cheddar has been covering the biggest news of the week with some of the biggest names. In case you missed it, we've pulled together some of the highlights that will keep you informed as we get ready for the week ahead.
Jenna Bush Hager's New Book
Jenna Bush Hager, author, journalist and daughter of former President George W. Bush, talked to Cheddar News anchor Hena Doba about partnering with soapmaker Dawn to create a new children's e-book entitled Wonderful World of Blue. The goal of the book, she said, is to help children embrace wildlife and become "wildlife heroes." She also talked about the importance of equipping children with reading skills. "I was a reading teacher and watching a child learn to read, it opens their whole world. But also, I think, even more than that, books are a catalyst for conversation, and empathy, and passion, and change. They start conversations. They bring people together and they allow us to travel to places we may never be able to go," she said.
Bow Wow Hosts New Dating Show
Rapper Shad Moss, better known as Bow Wow, had plenty to say about the new dating show he's hosting called After Happily Ever After which airs on BET and focuses on helping divorcées find love. Bow Wow also talked about what fans of his music can expect from him next. "I definitely want to let everybody know, there's definitely going to be some new music, probably at the top of the year. I want my album to go along with my documentary. [I've been] working on the Bow Wow doc/movie. Snoop is a part of it, happy to have him a part of that," he told Cheddar News' Baker Machado.
Cynthia Bailey's Spooky Sangria
Actor, model, and longtime member of Real Housewives of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey stopped by Cheddquarters this week to help anchor Shannon LaNier master his skills behind the bar. She shared her recipe for the festive Seagram's Escapes Spooky Sangria. Bailey also talked about the fallout from her split from husband Mike Hill as well as her standing with the rest of the Atlanta Housewives cast. "I did send [NeNe] a text and we went back and forth via text. And then she sent me a text with my news about my divorce. So I think there may be drinks somewhere in our future," she said.