By Justin Chermol

Joe Biden made a significant leap in early polling after the former Vice President entered his bid for the White House last week.

According to a CNN poll, the 47th vice president has gained an 11-point jump in polling. The polls show 39 percent of voters who are Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents say is Joe Biden is their top choice. He is now the clear front-runner among 19 other Democrats racing to the White House, and holds a 20 point advantage to his nearest competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt).

On Monday, "Middle Class Joe," as he referred to himself, held his first public rally to kick off the 2020 campaign in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

"It's not always meant as a compliment," Biden exclaimed after calling himself the nickname. "It's usually that I'm not sophisticated. That's why Middle Class Joe."

Nevertheless, Biden's 2020 message has become more clear since the release of his campaign announcement video with the confusing slogan, 'America Is An Idea'ー he intends to fight for the working class.

"Let me say this simply clearly, and I mean this: the country wasn't built by Wall Street bankers, CEOs and hedge fund managers. It was built by you. It was built by the great American middle class," Biden told the union crowd at Teamsters Local #246 venue.

At the campaign event, Cheddar's J.D. Durkin spoke with the former second lady, Dr. Jill Biden.

"I hope that they take a look at Joe Biden, and I hope that they vote for him for president," Dr. Biden said, referring to Western Pennsylvanians and acknowledging that the Keystone State is critical for Democrats in 2020.

Joe Biden, now 76 years old, may be a voice for the working class, but as young Americans continue to gain a political voice, it may be the youth who Biden needs for a path to victory.

"I think he's the best, he's gonna work hard for all Americans, and I think that's the difference," Jill Biden said of her husband's plans to attract young voters.