By Rebecca Heilweil

John Cena, the wrestler-turned-actor, explains that the Nickelodeon reboot of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" prioritizes the fifth grader competitors, rather than the adult contestants, marking a new direction for the beloved game show.

The quiz-based competition originally aired as a special in 2007, and then returned again in 2015, both times with Jeff Foxworthy as host.

Cena, who is both hosting and executive producing the show, explained that his version will feature new elements, including a new set and new ways for the adult players to "cheat."

"Nickelodeon understands their audience because their audience is children and families. And families are going to enjoy this because the classroom looks fun," said Cena. "This should be a place where kids want to sit at those desks. It should be fun."

"It's similar in that it's a game show, and that adults are going to have a very difficult time winning that $100,000 prize because they're going to have to earn it," he said, comparing it to the original series. "It's different in that the kids are our stars."

About Cena's own time in 5th grade, he said, "I was a lot of energy, probably not a lot of education."

"I was a poor student and ended up righting the educational ship around 15 years old," the host explained. "But it took a long time, and I really am giving a thank you to all my elementary school teachers for dealing with me."