Joseph Gordon-Levitt Celebrates the Power of Collaboration in New Music Documentary

Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP/Shutterstock
March 22, 2019

By Spencer Feingold

A week after Joseph Gordon-Levitt debuted his music documentary at South by Southwest, the actor stopped by Cheddar to discuss the film, which documented a global musical collaboration with the rapper Logic.

The film, “Band Together With Logic,” details a musical collaboration between Logic and musicians from all over the world.

“The fun part is the surprises,” Gordon-Levitt said.

The documentary started with Logic releasing the beginnings of a song on Gordon-Levitt’s online collaborative platform HITRECORD. The duo then invited people to expand on the song with new music that incorporates their own influences.

“It is people working off each other, which is so refreshing on the internet because most what you see on the internet is people tearing each other down.” Gordon-Levitt said.

The documentary profiles 21 of the musicians and details their collaborations to make the song, titled "Do What You Love," and accompanying music video.

Since its founding in 2005, HITRECORD has facilitated online collaborations that have led to books, TV shows, and other artistic projects. But a music documentary was an unprecedented initiative for the group.

“We've made all kinds of things, we've made all kinds of music before, but we've never done a music project like this,” Gordon-Levitt told Cheddar.

The film was released as a YouTube Original special.

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