Fox News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro is jumping into the cannabis game. She joined the board of Heavenly Rx, the hemp and CBD company announced on Wednesday.
"Judge Pirro offers Heavenly Rx a wealth of insight and expertise in media strategies, law, and consumer preferences that we hope will expand our footprint in the emerging hemp and CBD markets,” Paul Norman, CEO of Heavenly Rx, said in a statement.
Pirro, who hosts the eponymous show "Justice with Judge Jeanine" on Fox News, aims to use her platform to boost the Heavenly Rx brand.
"As the emerging markets for CBD and hemp begin to explode in the United States, it is a privilege to hold a leadership position in a company that is ahead of the curve. I hope to use the lessons learned from years of experience in television to help amplify this brand, a front runner in the wellness space and increase shareholder value,” Pirro said in a statement.
Heavenly Rx, a portfolio company of cannabis investment company Sol Global Investments, was formed in early 2019 to focus exclusively on hemp and hemp-derived CBD. The company boasts investments in, and partnerships with, farms across the American South, including a quarter stake in Jones Soda.
Norman, the former President of Kellogg North America, was named CEO of the company in June.
Pirro’s voice may be loud, but her publicity hasn’t always been positive.
In March, Fox News briefly canceled her show after she made Islamophobic comments about Muslim Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).
“Omar wears a hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested. Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself, is antithetical to the United States Constitution?” Pirro said on her show.
President Donald Trump rushed to her defense on Twitter after the incident.
Nevertheless, the company hopes Pirro's high profile and accomplishments in the field of law will increase the brand's appeal with women. In a 2017 survey, market research firm the Brightfield Group emphasized that women are leading consumers of CBD products.
“Having someone as high profile and respected as Judge Jeanine Pirro is a huge win for our company," Norman added.