A-BLOCK Top News: Pokémon Go's Incredible Growth The top news segment includes stories such as the S&P 500 closing at an all-time high, Tesla being investigated by the SEC, and Pokémon Go's Incredible Growth. Interstitial #1: Wired Staff writer Issie Lapowsky on social media's role in societal issues. B-BLOCK Beepi Sr. Automotive Editor Alex Lloyd on How The Online Car Dealership Is Changing The Auto Industry Alex Lloyd of Beepi joined Cheddar to talk about how the online car dealership is changing the auto industry and experiencing incredible growth. Interstitial #2: Twitter is live-streaming coverage of the RNC/DNC. C-BLOCK Sonos CMO Joy Howard on Bringing Music Back To The Home Joy Howard, CMO of Sonos, joins Cheddar to discuss partnerships with streaming services and Sonos’ 3D touch technology on iOS. Interstitial #3: HowStuffWork CCO Jason Hoch on HowStuffWork's most popular content. D-BLOCK Verywell Head of Content Rachel Berman on Latest Wellness Regimen Rachel Berman of Verywell visits Cheddar to discuss the latest nutrition tips you should follow to stay healthy this summer. Interstitial #4: Starbucks raising wages up to 15%. E-BLOCK Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Jaclyn London's on Snacking Smackdown Jaclyn London, Nutritionist of Good Housekeeping, visits Cheddar to go through the best snacks for summer. Interstitial #5 Threadless CEO Jake Nickell on what is Threadless? F-BLOCK Hot Stories: Amazon Prime Day Today's hot stories include Insta 360 Nano for iPhone, Amazon overtaking Berkshire Hathaway in terms of market cap, and making the most of Amazon Prime Day.