A-BLOCK Top News: Pokémon Go Closing Data Loopholes The top news segment includes stories such as Pokémon Go closing data loopholes, Google getting extension in EU case, and Under Armour files $15 million dollar lawsuit for Chinese copy-cat. Interstitial #1: Zack Kaplan VP of General Atlantic on television advertising B-BLOCK Wall Street Journal Deputy Editor talks about new book "Why Smart Investors Fail and How to Tilt the Odds in Your Favor". Spencer Jakab, Deputy Editor of The Wall Street Journal, joins Cheddar to give advice for how to make smarter long-term investments. Interstitial #2: Vine Executives Are Leaving the Company. C-BLOCK Super Healthy Kids CEO Talks Top Snack Picks Super Healthy Kids CEO Amy Roskelley joins cheddar to discuss how to get kids to eat healthier and gives us her top snack picks. Interstitial #3: Leigh Drogen, founder of Estimize on 2016 earnings. D-BLOCK Flight Club Director of Merchandising on How to Find the Hottest Sneakers Joshua Matthews of Flight Club joined Cheddar to explain Flight Club’s consignment model and where to get the hottest sneakers. Interstitial #4: Google Project Fi expanding internationally. E-BLOCK Robin Hood Co-founder Baiju Bhatt on Democratizing Investing Baiju Bhatt, co-founder of Robin Hood, visits Cheddar to discuss Robin Hood's incredible growth and how the company is democratizing investing. Interstitial #5 Zack Kaplan of General Atlantic on publishers competing with Facebook. F-BLOCK Hot Stories: Tesla Plans to Educate Drivers After Autopilot crashes. Today's hot stories include USFWS to drop vaccine-laced M&Ms to save endangered species, Pokémon searches spiking on Pornhub, and Tesla planning to educate drivers after Autopilot crashes.