A-BLOCK Top News: Pokémon Go Has More Engaged Users Than Facebook. The top news segment includes stories such as Peter Thiel to speak at the RNC, the tech industry criticizes Donald Trump in an open letter, and Pokémon Go has more engaged users than Facebook. Interstitial #1: Cheddar Line IPOs on the NYSE. B-BLOCK Polygon reporter Allegra Frank on Pokémania Allegra Frank of Polygon joins Cheddar to discuss how people are making money from the Pokémon Go game. Interstitial #2: Market Check C-BLOCK PureFunds CEO Andrew Chanin On Why Pokémon Go Is So Big For Nintendo. Andrew Chanin of PureFunds joined Cheddar to discuss PureFunds tactical ETFs and why Pokémon Go is so big for Nintendo. Interstitial #3: Howard Lerman founder of Yext of businesses placing Poké Lure. D-BLOCK Rooster Teeth’s Ashley Jenkins on hosting the hit series 'The Know' Ashley Jenkins of Rooster Teeth joined Cheddar to discuss the future of the platform and hosting 'The Know'. Interstitial #4: Krysia Lenzo on Netflix dominates Emmy Nominees. E-BLOCK Turtle Beach Director of Communications Talks The Hottest Headset Technology MacLean Marshall of Turtle Beach visits Cheddar to discuss their elite pro headset and the future of gaming technology. Interstitial #5 PokéCoach Joe Hanauer on PokéCoaches helping players F-BLOCK NVIDIA Engineer Tom Peterson on New VR Funhouse Game Tom Peterson of NVIDIA joins Cheddar to discuss NVIDIA's technology and its new VR Funhouse game. Interstitial #6 T-Mobile Gives Away A Year of Free Data for Pokémon Go. G-Block Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Jeremy Liew Talks Popular Culture Driving Technology Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Venture Partners joins Cheddar to talk about technology can employ popular culture to drive growth.