A-BLOCK Top News: Pokémon Go Players Selling Their Accounts. The top news segment includes stories such National Amusements opposing potential paramount stake sale, Under Armour launches new manufacturing center, and Pokémon Go players selling their accounts. Interstitial #1: CBS CEO Les Moonves on how user interface affects consumers. B-BLOCK Swagbucks COO on How to Attract A Millennial Audience Through Online Surveys David Weinrot COO of Swagbucks joins Cheddar to discuss Swagbuck's online survey business which has paid over $100 million to millennials. Interstitial #2: SpaceX launches cargo mission to International Space Station. C-BLOCK Raspberry Pi on Pocket Sized Computer Technology Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi talks about his pocket-size computer technology and education opportunities for programmers at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Interstitial #3: Rooster Teeth host Ashley Jenkins on Pokémon Go tips. D-BLOCK BurgerFi Talks CEO Burger Made Especially for Execs Corey Winograd CEO of BurgerFI joined Cheddar to discuss competing in a crowded market and his latest burger made especially for CEOs and execs. Interstitial #4: Pokémon Go DDOS cyberattack. E-BLOCK Glide CEO Ari Roisman Talks Live Video Messaging Service Ari Roisman CEO of Glide joined Cheddar to talk about his video-messaging service that competes directly with Skype. Interstitial #5 Les Moonves on Digital ads vs. Broadcast Ads. F-BLOCK Hot Stories: Yahoo Earnings Preview In our top stories segment this morning, we talk about what to expect from Yahoo earnings and Softbank buying a mobile chip designer arm for $32 billion.