A-BLOCK Top News: Pokémon GO launches in Japan The top news segment includes stories such as Twitter lets everyone request Verified Accounts, Roger Ailes leaving Fox with a $40 million severance package, and Pokémon launches in Japan. Interstitial #1: Sara Spagnolo Editor at Large of Foursquare on privacy on Foursquare. B-BLOCK Artists Akon and OG Boo Dirty Talk New Mix Tape Release Akon and OG Boo Dirty joins Cheddar to discuss their new business partnership and how new artists can break into the industry. Interstitial #2: Microsoft Earnings Recap C-BLOCK CMO of Distractify Andrew Levine Talks How to Go Viral Andrew Levine of Distractify visits Cheddar to talk about how the company's Distract Me button is attracting millennials. Interstitial #3: SpaceX Falcon Rocket Launch D-BLOCK Spartan Race on Avoiding Obstacles With Fitness Trend Director of Brand Communication Amelia Green-Varmos joins Cheddar to discuss the latest fitness trend. Interstitial #4: State of the luxury real estate market. E-BLOCK WSJ Senior Editor on How Ad Agencies Are Profiting from Pokemon Go Mike Shields of The WSJ joins Cheddar to discuss how advertisers are using Pokemon Go to attract customers. Interstitial #5 Dave Nemetz CEO of Inverse on creating companies catering to men. F-BLOCK Hot Story: Twitter Inks Deal with NBA Andy Wiedlin, A16Z executive in Residence, talks Twitter inking NBA deal and Facebook paying video stars.