A-BLOCK Top News: Verizon to buy Yahoo for $4.8B. The top news segment includes stories such as Verizon Earnings, Pokémon Go breaking App Store Record, Rio Olympics Village being 'Unliveable", and Verizon to buy Yahoo for $4.8B. Interstitial #1- Artist/Producer Jermaine Dupri on Music Apps. B-BLOCK Eating Well's Jessie Price: How to keep that summer beach bod through summer Jessie Price talks about the different recipes anyone can try out, for healthy eating in the summer. Interstitial #2- Krysia Lenzo on iPhone 7 Release Date. C-BLOCK Rosé is not only for summer — the Fat Jew tells us why! The Fat Jew and David Oliver Cohen introduce White Girl Rosé, rosé targeted at millennials for year-round enjoyment. Interstitial #3- Artist/ Producer Ryan Leslie on SuperPhone. D-BLOCK Dan Rosensweig CEO of Chegg on Verizon-Yahoo Deal (1/2) Casetify: Unbreakable tech accessories designed by artists. The merging of technology and fashion is here and Jennie Yoon of Casetify joins us to talk about her companies' collaboration with artists such as Pharrell. (2/2) Interstitial #4- Krysia Lenzo on 7-Eleven first drone delivery. E-BLOCK Pay for tech gadgets and devices as you need them Grover CEO Michael Cassau believes that you should be only paying for tech gadgets and devices as you need them, and explains how Grover can help. Interstitial #5- Audio-Technica marketing manager on Vinyl Resurgence F-Block- Gerber: The investment firm for millennials