A-BLOCK Top News: Jez Frampton The top news segment includes stories such as our guest Jez Frampton CEO of Interbrand, Under Armour moving into FAO Schwarz space, Twitter Earnings, and Apple Earnings. Interstitial #1- Zappos Director of Innovation Will Young on Zappos vision and values B-BLOCK The world's best note-taking app is getting a ton of new features Evernote's new CEO Chris O' Neill comes on Cheddar to announce the app's new editing features. Interstitial #2- Krysia Lenzo on Nintendo NX Design C-BLOCK GQ is rethinking style magazines for the digital age GQ's Chief Revenue Office Howard Mittman talks about how GQ approached launching a new magazine in 2016. Interstitial #3- GoFundMe Director Kelsea Little on biggest campaigns. D-BLOCK Q2 Earnings: Twitter Crashes, Apple Soars! Wired Reporter Davey Alba joins us to talk Twitter and Apple Earnings, and why one stock slumped and the other Interstitial #4- Krysia Lenzo on Amazon Drones in Britain E-BLOCK Kellogg's is opening a "cereal bar" in NYC. Kellogg's Senior VP Noel Geoffroy discusses the company's new cereal bar opening up in NYC Interstitial #5- Atlas Obscura CEO David Plotz on obscure travel destinations F-BLOCK "Gloving" is a new type of dancing captivating concert-goers Emazing Lights CEO Brian Lim joins us to explain why he thinks Gloving is a new art form and possibly a new sport competition. Interstitial #6- Teforia CEO Allen Han on making the best tea in the world G-BLOCK Wall Street Analyst Mark Mahaney on Twitter stock plunge Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital joins us to discuss Twitter Q2 earnings.