A-BLOCK Top News: Facebook Earnings The top news segment includes stories such as A.I monitoring live video on Facebook/Twitter, Elon Musk saying 'pencil's down' for tesla 3, and Facebook Earnings. Interstitial #1 - CHRIS O'NEILL ON FUTURE OF EVERNOTE B-BLOCK Diply: The 'BuzzFeed of Canada' Diply CRO Dan Langani introduces Diply to the Cheddar audience Interstitial #2- Krysia Lenzo on Microsoft thinks it can do a better camera than Apple. C-BLOCK This startup is taking on Victoria's Secret Adore Me CEO Morgan Hermande-Waiche says the lingerie market needs fresh brands Interstitial #3- GQ CRO Howard Mittman on competing with Google and Facebook. D-BLOCK Political newscast The Young Turks reports from the DNC Cenk Uygur, cofounder and host of The Young Turks, on what to expect from Chelsea and Hillary Clinton at the DNC. Interstitial #4- Krysia Lenzo on SoundCloud $1 Billion sale. E-BLOCK This startup takes the burden out of student loans SoFi gives an overview of its financial products — student loans, mortgages, and personal loans. Interstitial #5-RBC Capital analyst, Mark Mahaney on Twitter Earnings F-BLOCK Darby Smart is beating Pinterest in this one key area Darby Smart Co-Founder Nicole Shariat Farb says partnering with professional designers is the key to beating Pinterest in social commerce. Interstitial #6- Kellog's director Neol Geoffroy on NYC Cereal Bar G-BLOCK FlockU is online news for college campus life Senior Managing Editor Caroline Barden explains why college kids love FlockU.