"Altered Carbon" on Netflix is about a prisoner who returns to life in a new body after 250 years on ice...but he doesn't return to earth as we know it. Technology has taken over and human consciousness now resides in a chip. Tim Stenovec sits down with cast members Joel Kinnaman, Martha Higareda, and James Purefoy to discuss their relationships with technology and what they want people to take away from the new series.

Will humans and tech mirror the show and merge in real life? The cast members talk about how they separate technology with their family time. As "tech-lash" has taken over, they talk about how the show relates with life as we know it now.

Plus, does the cast prep any differently to work on a Netflix show compared to a cable show? Purefoy says absolutely not. He compares the series to a ten-hour-long movie. He and Higareda like the idea of binging, whereas Kinnaman wants people to spread the weath and take their time watching "Altered Carbon." The show premiered on Netflix February 2nd.