A BLOCK Top News: Yahoo fielding final bids from Verizon & AT&T The top news segment includes stories such as the Federal Court upholding Net Neutrality and critics plan to appeal the decision, Video views accounting for half of all new Internet traffic, Zenefits firing 106 more people, Tesla to be sold at Nordstrom's, Nike launching Pro Genius App, and Yahoo fielding final bids from Verizon & AT&T. Interstitial #1: Brad Templeton of Singularity University discusses the influence of Ride-Sharing. B BLOCK Hollywood Life's Sr. Editor Emily Longeretta talks the Tony's Emily Longretta of Hollywood Life joins us on set to talk Hamilton winning 11 Tony's and changing Broadway, Disney donation to Orlando victims, 'Finding Dory' possibly being one of the biggest movies ever, and 'The Office' movie acquired by Netflix. Interstitial #2: Million Dollar Listing’s Ryan Serhant on the Real Estate Market in NYC C BLOCK Winnie CEO, Sara Mauskopf on her Parenting App Winnie Co-Founder, Sara Mauskopf joined Cheddar to talk about the launch of her parenting App Winnie, the capabilities, user base, and it's financials. Interstitial #3: Matt Diamond of Defy Media on scale and what it does for you. D BLOCK Verve CEO Nada Stirratt Has Raised $30 million in Debt Financing. Nada Stirratt of Verve Media has visits Cheddar to discuss Verve Mobiles' business, Verve Velocity data-tracking, Verve Kinectic and how it connects advertisers with people who care, Verve facing off against FB/Google, and Verve raising $30 million in Debt Financing from Silicon Valley Bank. Interstitial #4: Brad Templeton of Singularity University on the scary parts of Self- Driving Cars. E-BLOCK Space.com Managing Editor Malik Tariq discusses Space and Space Startups. Malik Tariq of Space.com joins us to discuss whether Space X will go to Mars by 2018, Blue Origins landing a NASA contract, and space travel. Interstitial #5 Verizon's Brian Angiolet on the goal of Go90. F-BLOCK Hot Story: Facebook launches suicide prevention tool In hot stories this week, we touch news such as Playstation VR launching October 13, Twitter invests $70 million in Soundcloud, and Facebook launching suicide prevention tool.