B-BLOCK Our Host Jon Steinberg gets a Tattoo with Artist Jon Mesa and Model Leah Jung In our fun Friday show, Jon gets a tattoo on set while anchoring Cheddar and talking Brexit. Interstitial #2: Turnstone CEO Brian Shapland on how to create a collaborative workplace C-BLOCK Gizmodo Reviews Editor on Facebook Offering Political Bias Training Alex Cranz of Gizmodo joins Cheddar to review Facebook’s political bias change and the FAA fining Amazon for shipping illegal materials. Interstitial #3: Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson on Twilio's Business Model and what to expect from its IPO. D-BLOCK 'Escape the Room' Creator & Ford Experiential Marketing Manager on Real Life Gaming 'Escape the Room' creator Victor Blake and Ford Marketing Manager Ginger Kasanic join the Cheddar set to talk about how the game encourages team building through real life gaming. Interstitial #4: CBS Interactive's Steven Katzmaier compares the different streaming platforms. E-BLOCK Sweet Chick CEO Talks Chicken and Waffles John Seymor, CEO of Sweet Chick, joins Cheddar to talk about his tattoos and creative dishes offered at Sweet Chick NYC restaurants. At the end of our show, Jon’s tattoo is revealed. Check out this clip to see the final product.