A-BLOCK Top News: The Post-Brexit Turmoil Continues The top news segment includes stories such as Google and Facebook automatically taking down extremist videos, Amazon adding more brands to its 'Dash' buttons, Under Armour winning the Grand Prix at Cannes, and what to expect post-Brexit. Interstitial #1: Ron Bundy CEO of Benchmarks North America a FTSE Russell on the index's significance to investors. B-BLOCK Tech Insider's Senior Correspondent Steve Kovach on Brexit's impact on The Tech Sector Steve Kovach, Senior Correspondent of Tech Insider, joined Cheddar to talk about Brexit's impact on the technology sector and where companies in the U.K. may now move. Interstitial #2: Glu CEO Niccolo De Masi on his gaming company's growth and Kim Kardashian Hollywood’s Anniversary. C-BLOCK Change.org's North American Deputy on Increasing Civic Engagement through Petitions Mike Jones, Change.org's North American Deputy, joined Cheddar live on the set of the NYSE to explain the best ways to structure a petition and how business are using Change.org to increase civic engagement. Interstitial #3: Ford Experiential Marketing Manager, Ginger Kasanic, on 'Escape the Room' NYC. D-BLOCK New York Code & Design Academy Chief Academic Officer Talks Amazon Alexa Skills Course Zach Feldman of New York Code & Design Academy Chief talks about a new course that teaches you how to create 'skills' for Amazon's Alexa. Interstitial #4: Ron Bundy CEO of Benchmarks North America at FTSE Russell on the evolution of indexes over time. E-BLOCK Thrive Market Co-Founder on Bringing Food Stamps into 21st Century, Hot Stories Gunnar Lovelace, co-founder of Thrive Market, joins Cheddar to talk about its new program that brings food stamps to the 21st Century by offering healthy food alternatives online. In today’s hot stories, Mic Technology Reporter Jack Smith IV stops by the Cheddar set to talk about how Uber drivers are being paid less than you'd expect. He also provides tips on how to stop getting hacked through social media.