A BLOCK Top News: Facebook Removes Messenger from Mobile App The top news segment includes stories such as Facebook removing messenger from its mobile app, WeWork cutting 7% of staff, and WalMart to test its delivery service. Interstitial #1: HelloFresh CEO Talks about Competition in the Food Delivery Service Biz Ed Boyes, CEO of HelloFresh, talks about the food delivery service landscape and how his company is taking market share from Whole Foods. B BLOCK Hint Water CEO Kara Goldin on Commitment to Holistic Health CEO of Hint Water, Kara Goldin, joined Cheddar to discuss Hint’s commitment to holistic health and how her company is staying relevant in a crowded space. Interstitial #2: Spoon University Co-Founders on Democratizing Food Content The co-founders of Spoon University, Mackenzie Barth and Sarah Adler, talk about their college writers program that encourages the democratization of food content. C BLOCK Entertainment Business News with Hollywood Life's Emily Longeretta Senior Hollywood Life editor Emily Longeretta stopped by the Cheddar set to talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2’s Box Office success and the supposed dating curse of Joe Jonas. Interstitial #3: HelloFresh CEO Talks about Local Sourcing and Food Supply Chain Ed Boyes, CEO of HelloFresh, discusses the food delivery service landscape and how his company delivers its recipes and sources local products. D BLOCK Investopedia CEO David Siegel on Tesla Stock Soaring CEO of Investopedia David Siegel stopped by the Cheddar set to talk about whether Tesla stock will soar past $300 a share. Interstitial #4: Food52 Co-Founders Discuss New App that Celebrates Home Chefs Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, Food52 Co-Founders, discuss how their new app is encouraging home chefs to forget standard recipes. E BLOCK DryBar Founder on Beauty Company Expansion Drybar founder Alli Webb joined Cheddar to talk about her blow out company that seeks to take the beauty experience to a whole new level by offering drinks and movies as clients get their hair done. Interstitial #5: Resy Co-Founders on App That Helps Reserve The Best Restaurant Tables Resy’s co-founders, Michael Montero & Ben Levanthal, stop by the Cheddar set to talk about how Resy employs AI and how to use Resy’s bidding system to reserve a seat at some of the hottest restaurants. F BLOCK Hot Story: Dozens Imprisoned in Russia for Social Media Likes In hot stories this week, we touch on news such as Russia imprisoning individuals for liking certain posts on social media, J.P. Morgan loosening its dress code, and the two questions that determine how smart you are.