The Trump Administration hopes to bypass the lower courts and bring a DACA ruling straight to the Supreme Court. Catalina Velasquez of the political action organization Our Revolution joins Cheddar to discuss what the move means, in light of the looming shutdown deadline. She considers what the request might signal as far the president's willingness to strike a deal on Dreamers.

California's Attorney General announced that employers who assist in immigration sweeps and raids will be prosecuted for violating the state's sanctuary laws. Velasquez weighs in on what this means for states' strategies in opposing federal immigration policy. The board member says she does not think the Justice Department will charge local authorities who challenge the law.

Velasquez is a Dreamer herself, and reveals what she's doing to prepare for a potential end to the program. She says she's saving up, hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst. DACA hangs in the balance as the Senate attempts to reach a deal and avoid a shutdown.