Alex Klein, co-founder and CEO of Kano, discusses the company's latest funding round of $28 million. The company has released its technology to 4,500 retailers nationwide, including Best Buy and Target. Klein talks about the inspiration behind the creation of the company, which started with a 2013 Kickstarter campaign that raised over a million dollars. The Kano computer kit was created to open access to computers to people who would not normally have them. It helps people who might not be able to buy devices build computers by themselves! Klein notes that even though the kits cater to kids, they are great for anyone who wants to know how a computer works. Klein notes that part of his inspiration for Kano was the way in which Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first introduced the Macintosh. See Cheddar Hosts Tim Stenovec and Kori Hale play with one of the kits on air.