In 2015 the co-founders of Naadam clothing company went to Mongolia with $2.5 million to buy all the cashmere they could. They came home with 60 tons of it! Co-founder Matt Scanlan joins Cheddar to discuss how his clothing business has grown since then. For 2017, Scanlan projects revenues to hit $22 million and grow to $35 to $50 million by 2019. This month he's focused on launching Project WARM to support National Homeless Awareness month. He walks the streets of New York City and donates cashmere sweaters and other warm-weather necessities directly to those in need. He's commissioning a special short film to document the effort and to spread awareness of the city's homeless and housing crisis. He also talks about the industry of cashmere herders in Mongolia. Naadam is committed to paying 50% more than traditional retailers do by cutting out the middleman. But why Mongolia? He says it has some of the harshest weather in the region, which is great for the growth of the goat's coats. He explains the quality of the yarn depends on fiber length and thinness. Other companies tend to mix lower-quality threads with the Mongolian threads, but he's committed to not doing that with Naadam.