By Max Godnick

Silicon Valley is not so different from the pop-music business, said Kevin Jonas, who has seen success in both worlds.

The eldest member of The Jonas Brothers, the popular pop-rock band of the mid-2000's, transitioned from pop star to a career in tech, working with a team of developers to launch new marketing and media apps. He was the co-CEO of The Blu Market and said Wednesday in an interview with Cheddar that he is set to launch a new project called Pop Culture Live.

"I've always looked at music as just like a start-up," said Jonas. "You start in your garage, create a product, you get an investor ー the label ー and then that label then puts money behind it, and then you've got to answer to your board, you've got to continue to keep this train going."

In the five years since The Jonas Brothers broke up, the music industry has seen the meteoric rise of streaming platforms and the growing influence and marketing potential of social media.

"It's amazing, the artists that are out there today that are blowing up without ever dropping an album or dropping a CD, it's just all on their Instagram," said Jonas.

He pointed to Thomas Rhett and Taylor Swift as rare examples of artists seeing success in both streaming and physical album sales.

Jonas and his brothers peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their 2008 hit "Burnin' Up." Back then, "streaming wasn't even really a thing."

"When you got a digital release, it means that the label didn't care about your project and you're being put on the shelf," said Jonas. "Now that's all you kind of do."

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