The future of business is getting active. More and more companies are focused on the customer's experience, rather than just a product. This Changes Things host Brad Smith aims for the bullseye at "Kick Axe," New York City's first axe-throwing venue. He talks to Founder Ginger Flesher about the business of axe throwing.

Flesher explains that giving millennials, or any customer, an experience that they can treasure was one of the main reasons for opening Kick Axe. She talks about how millennials are spending their money on exciting experiences rather than items or products. She says it's not a passive society anymore, everyone wants to be active, and they can do so at Kick Axe.

As for challenges, Flesher says getting permits through New York City was extremely hard! Also ensuring a safe environment for people to have a casual drink and throw some axes was important to her.