Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation is kicking off the month of September with the third annual #BeKind21 campaign, which calls on participants to do good deeds for 21 straight days.
With hundreds of partners and nearly five million people already pledging to "integrate kindness" into their lives, the foundation's goal this year also includes combating trauma caused by COVID-19 and social unrest, Maya Smith, executive director of the Born This Way Foundation, told Cheddar.
"Kindness can do everything from brighten someone's day to save someone's life, so the more of us that can think about how to include kindness in our everyday lives, the better off we'll all be," she said.
For those looking for ideas, the foundation will provide tips, Smith continued, saying there is no such thing as a small act of kindness.
The #BeKind21 challenge also aims to draw attention to mental health, as September is also recognized as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. 
"These are uncertain and unprecedented times, so make sure you know the resources that support you, the people who you can talk to," Smith noted.
Spearheaded by a group of Channel Kindness reporters, — a Born This Way Foundation digital platform — the foundation is capping off the #BeKind21 campaign with a book release that includes a collection of goodwill stories. According to Smith, those personal stories aim to inspire people as the stresses of today become increasingly challenging.
"As you know [at Cheddar], telling the good stories, telling the stories of kindness and hope that keep you going, really matters," she said. "We wanted to present and offer a platform for young people to tell the stories of kindness in their communities and share their own brave voices."