The Olympian Laurie Hernandez has so many interests she can’t seem to sit still.

The gold medal gymnast recently launched a new clothing line with JCPenney for tweens and teens. And she has written a second book, this time a fictional children’s story called “She’s Got This,” scheduled to be published in the fall.

The new book, from HarperCollins, is about a young gymnast named Zoe following her dreams. It’s similar in theme to her first book, a memoir called “I Got This: To Gold and Beyond,” which was published last year.

“I’m afraid of limiting myself,” Hernandez said in an interview with Cheddar. “I love to do so many things that it’s hard for me to pick just one. So I figured, why not do all of them?”

It’s not clear what’s next for the high-achieving 17-year-old, but she said she’s willing to go in whatever direction her ambitions take her.

“If I want to write, then I’m going to write. If I want to be an athlete, then I’m going to be an athlete,” she said. “If I want to sing, I’m going to sing. If I want to act, I’m going to act.”

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