By Colin Foley

The battle royale, "last man standing" phenomenon has all but engulfed the video game industry. Though whether you prefer realistic bullet drop, zombies, or even trampolines, the premise still involves cutting down your competition with conventional weaponry like swords and firearms. Spell Break IS one of these games, but what if you'd prefer to incinerate your enemies with a fireball? Or choke them to death with a cloud of poison?

Spell Break is currently in pre-alpha and with its flashy spell effects and slick animations, is a promising entry into growing world of of battle royale.

Esports commentator and gaming personality LeTigress was able to play the game and share her experiences with Cheddar Sports.

"It's a battle royale but they're also calling it a battle royale rpg because of the system in place. It's mage based combat with 11 different classes," she said.

Details are sparse, given the stringence of the alpha's NDA, but we know that those classes include characters like the Pyromancer and the Toxicologist.

The combat boils down to the use of two gauntlets, one on each of your mage's hands. Those gauntlets, LeTigress explains, allow for the combination of "elements" that many gamers and fantasy fans know all too well.

"For instance if you have a fire gauntlet and a poison gauntlet, you can combine them into a sort of dragon's breath," she said.

With others like wind, stone, lightning and more, it would seem that some interesting and exciting combos can destroy your foes.

The recommended specs aren't too high, and while the developer Proletariat hasn't divulged any sort of monetization plans just yet, you can purchase what they are calling "Founder's Packs" to access the current alpha build.