Nerium International is an anti-aging skin and beauty line that uses direct selling to get product out. Amber Olson is the CMO and co-founder of the line, and she joins Cheddar to explain how she has helped direct the company's strategy. Through a combination of digital retail and social media, Nerium International has quickly grown its base. Olson says that they are happy keeping the company private because they have had success with expansion, and are interested in keeping it in the family. She explains that community is a key part of the Nerium experience. In terms of the future of retail, Olson feels others in the industry have not pivoted as much as needed. Consumers no longer need to go into shops to pick out products. They are happy turning to friends, getting recommendations, and then going online to order their products. This is exactly what Nerium International has banked on, and what has been successful for the beauty and anti-aging line.