By Britt Terrell

Oprah Winfrey is a rain maker ー she can make almost any interview subject cry. It didn't take long for the tears to start flowing during her conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda for this month's issue of O Magazine.

Oprah asked the Tony-winning writer and star of Broadway's "Hamilton" about his efforts to help Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria. Cue waterworks.

"It's impossible to talk about this without crying, so I'll just cry while I talk," said Miranda, adding that he plans to take his hip-hop theatrical mega-hit to the island next year and donate all proceeds to help arts programs in Puerto Rico.

"You can see what a huge and central priority this is for him and he knows that this story will resonate with the people of Puerto Rico," said Lucy Kaylin, editor-in-chief of O Magazine, in an interview Friday with Cheddar.

The same sense of purpose that informs Miranda's commitment to Puerto Rico, his parents' homeland, motivated him to tell Alexander Hamilton's story as he did.

Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant from the Caribbean who became one of America's founding fathers, and the creator of the new country's early financial system.

"When he found out Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant, that was his 'ah-ha' moment and that made him think about this family's journey," said Kaylin. Coming from Puerto Rico, Miranda's father had the same ambition as Hamilton to do everything he could for his family and his community.

Oprah's interview with Miranda was part of O Magazine's 2018 project to ask ー and try to answer ー a different question every month. The May issue asks, "What Can We Agree On?"

Miranda answered that question by harkening back to Hamilton's time, noting that early in U.S. history, times were even more divisive than today. We can agree, Miranda told Oprah, that the country's differences help it move forward.

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