Can a rubber chicken sing Despacito better than Justin Bieber? It's one of Storyful's Toby Bochan's top three viral videos of the week. She brings us the three clips that everyone's sharing all over social media.

First up is a professional exterminator who spent forty five minutes removing a massive hornets' nest in Louisiana. The most impressive part is that he didn't even get a single sting. Luckily it's the video, and not the exterminator's skin, that's going viral.

Next, is the rubber chicken that sings along to the chart-topping song, "Despacito." The uploader, Franco Munoz, recorded the footage in his home in Santiago, Chile. Since then, it's been watched over two million times.

Finally, we round up our favorite holiday cooking fails. From an amateur chef who got a little too distracted dancing while cooking, to a full-on flaming turkey, it seems like no one is safe. We even get a look at Cheddar's Jill Wagner's burnt Thanksgiving dish of her own.