Peter Cahill, CEO of Voysis, joins Cheddar to discuss the future of voice technology. He explains devices like Alexa or the Google Home, which aren't being used to the best of their ability. In fact, less than 3% of skills built on top of Alexa are actually getting used. And that's mostly because of the limited functionality of these applications. He says Voysis is working on developing voice technology for the e-commerce industry. He says retailers have a desire for people to use their voice to order or search for products on their websites. He also thinks it's the industry that's most ready for a little disruption when it comes to voice technology. But what does Cahill have to say to the critics of A.I.? He says it can make life easier for people and more efficient for businesses. It's the future, and people should embrace it for what it can do to better their everyday activities.