Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss spent just 44 days at the helm of the UK government before calling it quits. She announced her resignation Thursday after weeks of turmoil, criticism, and an economic plan that sent the value of the British pound into a nosedive. Truss said she will remain in position as PM until a successor is installed. 
The lame duck politician now goes on record as the shortest-serving prime minister in UK history. George Canning held the previous record with just 119 days in office, his term coming to an end when he died of pneumonia. It was Truss' economic plan, which called for slashing taxes in order to boost economic growth through trickle-down economics, that brought her term to an end. It plunged the value of the country's currency and government borrowing exploded. As a result, mortgage rates climbed along with import costs in very short order.
The quick end to Truss' term adds another stain to the office of the UK's prime minister after her predecessor, Boris Johnson, was ousted over the summer over questions about his character and ongoing scandals. Still, there is belief among some members of the conservative party that he could be in the running to reassume the role.
The seriousness of the turmoil at 10 Downing is not lost on us. As always, though, when serious matters hit the internet, especially Twitter, the jokes will indeed fly. 
This time, social media users trying to get a rise have focused on comparing Truss' short-lived tenure as prime minister to other notable short-lived phenomena. Here are some of the comparisons currently taking up the most air.
Celebrity Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries:
Anthony Scaramuccis' less-than two week tenure as White House Director of Communications during the Trump Administration:
The lifespan of lettuce the Daily Star tabloid was betting would last longer than Truss' term:
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