The infamous Lizzie Borden axe murders are getting a movie makeover. "Lizzie" star Denis O'Hare joins Cheddar at the Sundance Film Festival to discuss the psychological thriller. He says the project will show people a whole new side of the woman best known for being featured in a nursery rhyme.

O'Hare plays the young woman's uncle in the retelling. He explains how the movie re-frames the story in the context of gender issues. An unmarried 32-year-old woman, Borden lived a claustrophobic life under her father's control.

O'Hare discusses co-starring with Chloë Sevigny, who plays the title role. The actor tells the story of why he opted not to stay in the house where the murders took place. He also tells us the final verdict in the Borden trial and how it's still relevant today.