By Michael Teich

A logistics process mirroring the one mastered by Amazon will remove a lot of the deep friction embedded in the cannabis industry, said Wayv CEO and founder Keith McCarty, who is creating a delivery platform for weed businesses.

"The business model is, essentially, very similar to fulfillment for Amazon," McCarty told Cheddar of his company.

Before starting Wayv, McCarty co-founded Eaze, a legal cannabis delivery platform for consumers. Wayv, however, is focused on facilitating business-to-business transactions between retailers and brands.

"Retailers or brands can sign up for the solution. We integrate with the state database that ensures they are compliant ー that they're licensed holders," McCarty said.

"Once you're at that point, retailers can simply browse a marketplace of different products, just like with Amazon ($AMZN), very easily click, select those products."

As of now, the service is only available in California, but technology will allow Wayv to easily enter new markets, McCarty said.

"It becomes a flipping of the switch to expand into some of these others states or countries as legalization continues to proliferate across all these different geographies," he added.

The Los Angeles-based company raised $5 million in a funding round earlier this week led by Craft Ventures.

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