By Samantha Errico

The comedy series "Baskets" is back and all jokes aside, comedian Louie Anderson's role as Christine Baskets is better than ever.

As Christine, Anderson has won an Emmy Award for his role on the FX show and has been nominated two additional times.

He has some important women in his life to thank for his successful representation of Christine ー his mom and five sisters.

Anderson was one of 11 kids and this role made him appreciate just how much his mother did.

"When I play this character of a mom, I think about my mom," Anderson told Cheddar on Thursday. "I always think what did my mom want to do if she didn't have all of these kids."

The comedy series is in it's fourth season, and a lot of it has to do with how relatable Christine is. "I wanted to play it authentic, like real," Anderson said. This season Christine is open to love, Chip is moving out, and Dale is settling into life in the RV park. Christine's sons Chip and Dale are both played by actor Zach Galifianakis.

Anderson also notes that the role of Christine changed his perspective on women, showing him the double standard. "People treat me different when I'm dressed as Christine," he said.

Anderson isn't slowing down anytime soon. He is gearing up to perform on stage with Rita Rudner for ''He Said She Said." This won't be the first time they do stand-up together, but "this time though I am going to wear a gown just like her," Anderson joked.

"We're both different, but we're both for that same audience," the comedian said. "She talks about you know getting shoes, and getting jewels, and getting her hair done; and I talk about getting cookies, getting bread, and not getting my hair done."

And in the age of reboots and sequels, "Coming to America 2" is coming our way in 2020. When Cheddar asked Anderson if we would see him in it again, he said "I hope so! I am waiting for them to call me." Don't forget about Maurice!