Comedy legend Louie Anderson is ready to hit the road and provide Americans with some much-needed laughs after a year on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
Anderson's hopeful new project follows the release of Coming 2 America, where he reprised his role of Maurice from the 1988 hit film. 
"Here I am 33 years later, walking into the set in Africa to the same [scene], which was an amazing thing and all my friends were there that I saw 33 years ago," he said. "It was just an amazing thing to walk in there and just kind of pick up where we left off."
In an interview with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall revealed how Louie Anderson was cast in the original film, saying the movie had needed a white actor. For Anderson, the news had come as a surprise, but he said he enjoyed the opportunity all the same.
"I love being the token white guy in the movie. I love the whole idea of how it happened, and then for those guys to say that I was the funniest white guy they knew, that really made me feel good. I have high esteem for them as actors and comedians," he told Cheddar.
Though small, Anderson's role as Maurice the "fry guy" who worked in the parody McDowell's fast food restaurant in the original film, transcended decades and remained both relatable and hilarious. He revealed that newly arrived immigrants have recognized him from the film that inspired them to chase the American dream and move to the United States.
Anderson also expressed hopes for a return to the stage for Murphy after the two discussed a possible return to live comedy. Murphy's two big stand-up specials Delirious and Raw were released in the 1980s, and it had been reported he signed with Netflix for a special before the pandemic hit.
"What would be bigger than the Coming 2 America tour?" Anderson asked.
When it comes to his own personal projects, like many, COVID-19 has essentially shut down business for Anderson. However, with nearly two million Americans now getting vaccinated daily, the comedian is hopeful for an eventual return to normalcy so that he can hit the road.
"A lot of people are going. Of course, the shows are limited seat-wise. Right now a lot of people are in the clubs all over the country. I have not yet, I just got my second vaccine," he noted.
Anderson has show dates scheduled in the fall with comedian Rita Rudner.