Tim Stenovec talks to husband and wife duo Talaat and Tai McNeely about when to bring up finances with your partner and what you need to be teaching your kids about money. The couple founded HisandHerMoney.com after Tai helped Talaat pay off $30,000 in debt!

Because of all his debt, Talaat kept his finances hidden from Tai under right before their wedding day...which he says was a terrible idea! He doesn't suggest talking about credit score on the first date, but slowly working it into a conversation before you even get engaged is very important. Tai says you want to attack finances as a team and help each other grow your bank account and credit.

Plus, once you're married and have kids the hard work doesn't stop. The McNeelys talk about teaching your kids how to give, spend and save. You can create a reward system for saving or even bring them to the bank and learn the process of depositing money.